You must be a full time member within our Discord server to be eligible for the giveaways. As long as you are on the servers members list then you are full time.
We do monthly giveaways! At the beginning of each month we will announce the newest giveaway, how to win it, the deadline and who is the winner! All announcements are made within our #giveaways text channel within our Discord server. To see the current giveaway or status of one, click the image below or enter the Discord server through the “Our Community” page…

We do accept donations to help keep the giveaways going and to help run everything. With a large sum donation ($20 and over), we will list a social media of your choice (Gleam limits certain social media; contact us for full details) to the Gleam site that we use for our giveaways. As A bonus! You will not have to worry about doing any promotion pertaining to the giveaway. Head over to the “Donations” page; should you feel that you’d like to help.