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Hey everyone check out @__Christtina__ on twitch and follow her here on twitter she’s sweet funny and a real great friend so show her some love and tell her the weeb sent you also why your at it check out @pp3y3 he’s a salesman and he can tell you how much to sub to Christina!

We are going LIVE with PS4 Fortnite at Repping a very good Community called #MultiplatformGaming -- check them out on my Profile -- Keeping it Positive and FRIENDLY! @__Christtina__ @MFolletStream @DePuTyG33K @Erinjo07 @Ohsnapitsli @WallyMcWaffles

One of the best RPG’s ever made! It’s sexy, I know. 😎 What is your favourite RPG? #MultiplatformGaming #MG #Christtina @Retweet_Twitch @DNRRTs @NightRetweets @TwitchOnline @TwitchTVGaming @twitchraid @PromoteGamers @TwitchSharing

Subscribers through OR Each month a subscriber only giveaway will be held. See the sub only text channel in for the link. #MG #Christtina @RETWEETDNR @NightRetweets @PromoteGamers @TwitchTVGaming @twitchraid

$50 Steam card giveaway! Ends March 2nd 2018. RT around. #MultiplatformGaming #MG #Christtina @RETWEETDNR @NightRetweets @TwitchSharing @TwitchTVGaming @twitchraid @PromoteGamers @GamerRTRs @FameRTR @share_stream @ShoutGamers @YTRetweets4U @gridcoreRTs

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