Stream Team!

Give our newest Twitch Community – Multiplatform Gaming a follow!
A community for gamer’s and those alike! We do a variety of games, platforms and creative talents. We are a growing community and always seeking more family to grow with!
If you are a streamer then you can also use this community to stream with. We offer BENEFITS when you stream with our Twitch community! With this Twitch community in place we will try to ADVERTISE each other, HOST each other and give each other a VIEWER when we can and in return it reaches out to each others followers/communities, thus creating a web effect. The Twitch community also has KEYWORDS in which it links to our streams when a Twitch user looks up something in particular. If you have Discord then you can join our Discord server and promote yourself as much as you would like as well, you will receive a Stream Team role within the server and have access to the streaming voice channel. We also have a Discord bot to announce when you go live so it will save you the hassle of typing it out every time! We all try to host, view/lurk and advertise each other to the best of our abilities.
If you wish to USE our Twitch community, then you would go to your Twitch dashboard>Live and under Stream Information (where it asks for “community”, in between title of the stream and game) put in the community “Multiplatform“. Make sure to follow the community as well!
We have all worked very hard to get to the milestones that we are at and support should be shown all around. We are a family and we will support as such. Thank you to ALL of our supporters!
Twitch Community – Multiplatform Gaming